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Extreme Detailing and Coating Studio offer Quartz Nano Ceramic Coating, a revolutionary technology that forms a permanent, flexible shield on the surface of your car. This coating acts as an additional clear coat, offering unparalleled protection and impressive gloss. Your vehicle’s exterior will exhibit a mirror-like effect, enhanced glossiness, and a remarkable depth of colour. Contact us today to learn more about Ceramic Coatings Gold Coast and how we can protect your car’s paintwork.

Professional Ceramic Coatings Gold Coast

We carry the thickest single-layer ceramic coating on the market today, adding 7 + microns of thickness to your paintwork – So not only are you protected with a premium grade Quartz Nano Ceramic Coating but the thickest, most advanced diamond coating available to the public.

Extreme Detailing is a reputable name when it comes to Ceramic Coatings on the Gold Coast. With years of experience in the detailing industry, we have established ourselves as specialists in Paint Protection and Ceramic Coatings.

As Approved Applicators of Ceramic Pro Nano Coatings, we exclusively offer this exceptional product alongside our services. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our flawless paint protection services, whether you need a new car ceramic coating Gold Coast or for your boat, caravan, or motorcycle.

Don’t wait any longer; contact us now and avail our professional Ceramic Coating Services to ensure your vehicle stays protected for years.

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Our Ceramic Paint Protection Packages

Ceramic Coating For Cars

The ENTRY Level Car
Ceramic Coating Package

From $1,299

Adding 7 microns of thickness to your vehicle’s paintwork.

What’s included?

The FULL Car
Ceramic Coating Package

From $1,599

Adding 7 microns of thickness to your vehicle’s paintwork.

Includes ENTRY package plus:

Most Popular

Ceramic Coating Package

From $2,499

Enjoy our signature DUAL LAYER COATING! Adding 12 microns of thickness to your vehicle’s paintwork.

Includes ENTRY & FULL package plus:

Ceramic Coating For Motorcycles

The FULL Motorbike Ceramic Coatings Package

From $900

Adding 7 microns of thickness to your motorbike’s paintwork & surfaces.

What’s included?

Most Popular

The PLATINUM Motorcycle Ceramic Coatings Package

From $1300

Our signature dual-layer coating.

Adding 12 microns of thickness to your motorbike’s paintwork & surfaces

What’s included?

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings for cars offer a wide range of benefits that contribute to the overall protection and appearance of the vehicle. Some key advantages of ceramic coatings include:

Long-lasting Protection

Ceramic coatings provide a durable and long-lasting protective layer for the car's paintwork. These coatings form a strong bond with the surface, creating a shield against various environmental contaminants, including UV rays, dirt, bird droppings, chemicals, and road grime.

Enhanced Gloss and Shine

Ceramic coatings enhance the car's visual appeal by adding depth, gloss, and a mirror-like finish to the paintwork. The coatings have hydrophobic properties that repel water, dirt, and dust, making the car easier to clean and maintain.

Resistance to Scratches and Swirl Marks

Ceramic coatings offer increased resistance to scratches, swirl marks, and minor abrasions. The hard and durable nature of the coating provides a protective barrier that helps to minimise the impact of everyday wear and tear.

Cost-effective in the Long Run

Although ceramic coatings require an initial investment, they can prove cost-effective in the long run. Their long-lasting protection reduces the need for frequent waxing, polishing, and paint correction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ceramic coating is generally considered beneficial for cars. Ceramic coatings provide a layer of protection for the car’s paintwork, offering durability and resistance against various environmental contaminants, UV rays, dirt, and chemicals.

They can enhance the gloss and shine of the vehicle while also making it easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, ceramic coatings provide added resistance to scratches and swirl marks, helping to preserve the car’s appearance.

The lifespan of a ceramic coating for cars typically ranges from one to five years, depending on factors such as product quality, application, and maintenance. Higher-quality coatings may last up to seven years or longer. Regular maintenance and periodic inspections are essential for prolonging the coating’s effectiveness, and reapplication may be necessary to ensure continued protection of the vehicle’s paintwork.

Waxing over a ceramic coating is generally not necessary or recommended. Ceramic coatings are designed to provide long-lasting protection and enhance the appearance of the car’s paintwork. They create a durable, hydrophobic layer that repels water, dirt, and contaminants. Adding wax on top of a ceramic coating can diminish the coating’s performance and may not provide any additional benefits.

The answer is it depends on the situation. A ceramic coating will help soften the damage because of its hardness rating. However, the size, speed, and angle at which a stone comes into contact with your vehicle are all factors that will determine whether it causes any damage.

Permanent ceramic coatings are designed to withstand chemicals to a certain degree. However, the more a vehicle is exposed to highly acidic or basic chemicals it will gradually weaken the coating. This is why always use PH-neutral washing soaps and non-aggressive cleaners when caring for your protected vehicle is essential.

Paint Protection is directly hand applied in liquid form to a vehicle’s prepared surface to create a permanent chemical bond to each molecule of paintwork. Following its application, it is cured over the next 24-48 hours to a hardness of 9H to protect a vehicle from scratching, oxidisation, water etching, staining and contamination. Our Paint Protection can be applied to any surface on a vehicle exterior, whereas PPF cannot.

PPF consists of an ultra-thin polyurethane or polymer transparent layer applied directly over the top of the vehicle’s paintwork. This disposable skin protects a vehicle from harsh scratching, stone chips, and other damage, typically seen on higher value/ racing cars.

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